Happy New Year fellow saddlers!

Happy New Year fellow saddlers!

So, at long last I have opened the laptop. Ta da!

It’s been a while since my last blog post, months in fact, and I’ve missed doing it.

I would love to say I have been incredibly busy cycling the world and completing allsorts of challenges, but the truth is, I’ve been caught up with the real life stuff. Barely managing to juggle work, toddler, family life, house move, family crisis’ and squeezing in some running and cycling where possible.

2016 was a funny old year. It kept me busy for sure, and I learnt a lot. I thought by the grand old age of 36 (* gulp *) I would be wise and savvy to most things in life, but I wasn’t, and won’t ever be, I have come to realise that life is always going to bring difficult and trying times. But that’s fine, that’s what life is about. It was a testing time, and looking back, my coping method was just to get on with things (with the help of wonderful friends and family – thank you all!). I lost my dad, nearly lost my mum, and our little boy gave us a scare all in the space of a month or so. I was broken, lost and felt like life was out of control.

And so, when I reflect back on my ‘new year, new pledge’ post I wrote this time last year, I don’t feel bad that I haven’t achieved those set goals. Because actually, just surviving is a goal in itself when times are hard. I had pledged a total of 3,500 miles in 2016, a 100-mile ride and completion of the Great South Run and the Half Marathon. I didn’t do the half marathon because quite frankly I was too bloody exhausted, and I only did 2776 miles.

Wait a minute, did I say only??

2776 miles turns out to be the width of the USA, from San Diego through California, Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama to Georgia. If I say so myself, that’s not bad going. In fact I am pretty proud of myself * smug face *

So what does 2017 bring for lucky saddle? In terms of fitness pledges, who knows, I am still thinking of some new and exciting challenges (if anyone has any ideas please shout! thinking maybe a UK Coast to Coast ride??) either way I won’t be putting pressure on myself. What is important is friends and family, and their health and happiness and spending time with those I love dearly…

Oh, and my beautiful new shiny ‘weighs like a feather’ bike which is currently being built….  

So in the words of Delia Smith… come on 2017 ‘”let’s be having you” (* fist pump *)



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