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This is where you can contact me, to either tell me how wonderful my blog is… or utterly awful.  If you’re being nice, I will respond as quickly as possible, if you are being mean, on your bike. Simple.

So why would you want to contact me?

Well, maybe you think I am funny, and my blogs are interesting and you would like me to write a blog for your own website, magazine?

Or, maybe you have a really cool cycling /running / triathlon related product / service and you want me to be your guinea pig, I will try it out, write about and share with cycle and fitness minded buddies… I will be honest though, so you need to believe firmly in your product/ service!! I will have to kindly refuse any of those chaffing creams though – I have sensitive skin, and quite frankly the whole chaffing and rubbing cream makes me feel a little ill.

So, what are you waiting for, send me some super duper amazing products and I will try it out for you! enter your contact details and a short message below and I will respond as soon as possible ( but only if you’re nice remember)