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Italian road tripLucky Saddle Owner.

Hello, I’m Claire, just an average girl (ok so a bit on the short side) who loves to cycle.

Oh, and I also love curries, cheese, wine, beer, G&T and haribos. That’s why I cycle.

The cycling bug really kicked in thanks to the notorious A32 road out of Gosport, spending hours in the car to do less than 20miles a day was quite frankly depressing, although an ideal opportunity to paint my nails.

So, one day I dusted off my trusty Specialised Hardrock (a booty bargain!) and got pedalling… and I never looked back…

Quickly I discovered I needed a new bike, something sturdier and shiny and new – so off I went to the local bike store and purchased a beautiful Specialized Jett with huge 29inch wheels. I felt like I owned the road and nothing would get in my way… my speed quickly increased and I was getting to the office faster, but I still couldn’t keep up with the big boys…

It was clear, I obviously needed another bike, something quicker, slicker and sexier. So, off I went again to the local bike store and bought my Bianchi, a vision of true beauty, and again my times improved and I started to hunt down the big boys.

And that’s when it really kicked in… I had it, and I had it bad. The cycling bug. Apparently there is nothing you can do for it, apart from ride with it.

It quickly spiralled… full on lycra, revolting padded pants, clip-in shoes, speedo, Strava, energy gels, sportives, the whole damn lot. Even a head on collision with a skip lorry and having a baby wasn’t going to stop me in my tracks, although admittedly, it slowed me down a little.

So, here I am, just an average girl, a mother to a toddler, a lover of curries and cheese and all things naughty and a girl who just loves pedalling.

If this year is anything to go by, next year is going to be faster and bumpier… oh what a lucky saddle…

Wondering where the name ‘Lucky Saddle’ came from? click here to find out…

Just a little thank you to some people for helping me set up this blog, firstly to Tim, my chap, who also suffers from the cycling bug, but only if the weather is fair.

and to Matt, an old colleague, and just about a friend who helped set up the blog and designed the Lucky Saddle logo.. which just happens to match my bike beautifully. Check out his cycling blog, Saddlesore, although it’s not as good as mine..